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Aluminium Ladder Aluminium LadderAluminium Ladder

Sicos is an Italian company founded by Ottorino Franzoni, that has been producing ladders since 1978, fully respecting the true Made in Italy, and every year renews and interprets the concept of ladders.

The headquarters in Castelcovati house the entire production system, from design to all the processing stages, with a high productivity potential.



Technological Innovation

R&D has always been focused on and attentive to new technical discoveries. Sicos' R&D office is always looking for innovative solutions by analysing market requirements. The attention we give to users' actual needs has inevitably led to the use of special materials and to the introduction of rapid, safe, space-saving closing systems, ergonomic tool trays, convenient handrails and comfortable steps, and there is much more we will discover in the future.

Ingenuity and Dexterity

At Sicos, technological innovation is at the service of people's intuition; not by substituting but rather by integrating it with manual ability and artisan knowledge which leads to flexible solutions and quality details.


Versatility, Resistance and Design

Top quality steel and aluminium, and high performance profiles with geometries designed by Sicos, enable extremely high values of mechanical resistance, while maintaining lightness, flexibility and design at absolutely excellent levels. In this way, Sicos' products guarantee maximum performance from every point of view, ensuring stability, convenience and an outstanding visual impact.


A Sustainable Production aimed at the Future

Our modern plant of photovoltaic energy generation places Sicos among the best Italian companies who are sensitive to the subject of clean energy. The plant can supply the company's entire energy needs currently required by its production lines, reducing the annual emissions by 210.2 tons of CO2, thus saving 90 tons of petroleum.


Systems at People's Service

Men and women are at the centre of Sicos' world. Our scrupulous attention to detail and our thorough research in ergonomics are at the base of the development of every project, so as to guarantee the total usability of the object, which is not only a simple ladder but a true system at the user's service.

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